Trapped in a moment of time Forever holding my gaze I can't look away Captivated by this portal A recurring enigma The jewel of paradoxes Constant infinity I ask myself, How deep will I go?        

The Air of Silence

I felt its entrance into the atmosphere. A buzzing soundlessness filled my ears and I stood very still, tilting my head to interpret the change in the air. I lifted my eyes to the foggy heavens where the sun was hidden beneath the clouds. Everything was an orange-gray haze, and the skies were daringly empty; not a single... Continue Reading →


It slices through the air silver, quick In the blink of an eye spinning, whirling On impact it hurts deadly, silent My love for you is the bullet And I am the one who got hit.  

Daily Prompt: Pillage

via Daily Prompt: Pillage The black stallion thudded to a stop. The man swung his metal boot over the horse and jumped to the ground. He pulled out his thick, double sided blade from its sheath and studied the village. Everything was on fire. Houses erupted in flames and collapsed, wagons and carts were burned... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

It's been a while, my friends Friends who read my posts Posts that are random and silly Silly of me to stay away Away from Out of Thin Air Air that is cold out here Here where snowflakes are falling Falling for you, that's what I do Do have fun this week Weak from all... Continue Reading →

Get In The Christmas Spirit

December is a time of family, service, and love. It's the time when the first delicate snowflakes fall to the ground and lights twinkle throughout the city. It's devoted to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, although cookies and presents are of course a plus. It's Christmas! So allow me to pop the question that's... Continue Reading →

The Light

And far away the shadows linger, Nightmares swirl with rushing power. Monsters roam with tainted fingers; With ghastly crime, the evil towers. And on the battlefield, the soldiers cower.   But in the midst stands one defender, In the ocean of filth, he stands with might. Pure and brave, he's no pretender; With a heavy... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Dance

"See? Look at her." They both leaned into the darkened ballroom doorway and King Jonathon sighed. "This is the third time this week." His eyebrows scrunched up with worry. Queen Angela frowned with concern as she gazed at their daughter Sierra dancing in the middle of the room. Only the moonlight through the tall windows... Continue Reading →

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