A Word From Charlotte Emelia

Hi. It’s been a while and I was just checking in to tell you that I’m still here. *waves* How have the past few months been? Summer was a blast for me, and I’ve only got a few weeks left before I start my final year in high school. Er… I’ve ignored this part of […]

Be Bold

Have a dream? Pursue it. Have a goal? Go get it. Nothing will ever happen unless you act. There are so many fears… so many unknowns… but if you have faith in yourself, don’t be afraid to put your foot out there. And if you fail? Find a way to get back up. With the […]


My fellow colleagues and friends, Along with this letter, I have enclosed an artifact that may very well be the pinnacle¬†of my findings: a pocket watch, hidden beneath the floorboards of an early twentieth-century cottage in Liege, Belgium. The watch, though rusted and covered in dust, is in near perfect condition and a wonderful addition […]