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A Very Important Update

I did it. I finished writing my novel.

It’s been a whole year since I started writing this book, and there is no way to describe all the pain, trouble, and joy I have experienced while writing it.

  • I have stayed up late often to finish a scene.
  • I have documented and researched an entire notebook full of planning.
  • I have written until my fingers cramped.
  • I have stared at a blank screen for hours and hours on end.
  • I have written despite all the homework, tests, and work that I have because my passion lies in my novel.

And I did it, I am so proud. There’s so much more work to do, but I made it to the big checkpoint and there’s no going back.

Are you working on something big, too? Take my advice: don’t let anything stop you. Things will ALWAYS get in the way, but find a way to work around them or make a few sacrifices, because the feeling of accomplishment that I have right now is glorious.



Charlotte Emelia

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Get In The Christmas Spirit

December is a time of family, service, and love. It’s the time when the first delicate snowflakes fall to the ground and lights twinkle throughout the city. It’s devoted to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, although cookies and presents are of course a plus. It’s Christmas!


So allow me to pop the question that’s on my mind… are you in the Christmas Spirit?

I get it, this time of year is pretty stressful; not gonna lie. However, the Christmas season only comes once every year. What are you focused on? School? Work? Presents?

No. Christmas is about one thing: Christ. If you truly want to get something special this year, focus on him. Focus on the things he stands for: service,  kindness, and love.

But again, this can be challenging; how and when are we supposed to “get” in the Christmas Spirit? Here are some ideas:

Engage in Service

Christ helped others and so can we. Spread the Christmas Spirit by volunteering, giving donations, or loving/caring for someone. There is no denying that warm feeling that enters your heart when you are looking outward and helping others. It’s powerful to see that sincere look of gratitude on someone else’s face especially when a small moment of happiness appears on yours.


Find a way to help out in your community. There are many ways to do service, even if it is in your own home.

Light the World

Service is the biggest way to bring the Christmas Spirit into your life, but there are all kinds of service you ca do. The Church of Latter Saints created a program that is 100% devoted to bringing the Spirit of Christmas to your life. If you visit you can click on the Light the World link on the front page that gives you a calendar, giving 25 ways of service in 25 days. Each day has a different way to “light the world” in honor of Christ’s birth and gives lots of ways to help out. For instance: the main theme for the 7th is to feed the hungry, the 8th is to pray for others, and so on.

This is a great way to actively engage in doing something good this season. Feel free to check it out and share with friends and family!

Go Out and Rejoice

One of the best parts of Christmas is the mutual love in the air. There are so many social aspects of growing together as communities, neighborhoods, and families. Try to attend a few Christmas parties or events that are going on this month in order to connect with others and share Christ’s love.

Also, Christmas music is powerful in the season. Many choirs are out and about singing at churches, schools, and other venues. Use this outlet and participate in supporting music that brings the Christmas Spirit and joy. Go caroling too!


Whether or not you follow my list, go out and be part of this wonderful season. Christ is the light of our world, and we should celebrate Him. Go do service, love others, and connect with those around you because during an age where the commercial aspect of Christmas grows larger and larger each year, it is up to us to discover the real meaning of Christmas. And the best way to do that is to follow His example and serve.

-Charlotte Emelia

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Why I Do Hard Things


It took only three weeks of school to make me realize that I’m drowning. I go to school, I go to work, and then I do homework until I go to bed. My A.P. classes are making sure that I don’t get any free time, not even to write a blog post once in a while.

But it’s okay. Yes, I have homework every single day that wears me out and forces me to stay up late. Yes,  the A.P. classes that I willingly took are hard and exhausting and will force me to up my game if I want to receive the grade I want, but I’ve realized that these challenges aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, they are helping me in more ways than I could have imagined.

I think that maybe instead of drowning, I’ll move my limbs and start to swim.

Pressure makes diamonds. If you can handle stress from things that push you and force you to try harder and stronger, that will make you so much better than you were yesterday. For example, as said before I do homework until bedtime nearly every school day. Not only will this force me to manage my time and hobbies well, it teaches me to be productive. Another example is me reading a classic every night for half an hour because of my A.P. Language book report. This teaches me good, improving habits that can only increase my knowledge, vocabulary, and abilities.

Although I must admit that I am devasted that I often don’t have time to write my novel, the times that I do glance at the book are precious now. Those small time slots are well-used and valuable to me.

Like the picture up above: if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. If you could live in endless bliss with only the knowledge and habits that you have now, would you? For teenagers like me, the answer is a resonating no. I procrastinate all the time and I do not have enough knowledge and vocabulary to live with forever. I need to learn a lot more before I could ever be happy with myself.

Besides, my brain’s still growing. I need to learn as much as I can rather than stunt my expanding knowledge. Lately, I’ve realized how lacking I have been with things such as language, intelligence, common sense, and productivity.

Give yourself a self-analysis. Are you challenging yourself, purposefully expanding your ken by reaching farther than you ever have? Are you creating good habits through hard work?

Don’t stop because you’re tired or afraid of failure. I am constantly trying new and hard things to help me in the long run, despite the fact that I am always exhausted and prone to mistakes. We all are.

Challenge yourself. Sometimes we need to struggle in the water a little bit before we can realize how valuable learning to swim really is.

-Charlotte Emelia



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Back at it again with the High School

Excited for school? What was I thinking…

As the end of summer came zooming towards me, I began to get excited about school starting. I couldn’t wait to get back into an organized lifestyle, have friends to talk to, and learn things that would get me to college.

But this morning as I walked into that musty bomb shelter where only florescent yellow lights illuminate the black pit, I began to realize that not only will I live a stressful lifestyle but I won’t see my close friends in nearly any of my classes. I just see a lot of people that I don’t know and who probably don’t like me…

And turns out with two AP classes and an honors class that I’m taking, it seems as if I’m already in college. EEK!

I guess the binge watching is over, Watson.

I’m exaggerating of course (the Netflix binge watching will never be completely quenched) ; driving to school and back with my squad was great, and we all have lockers close by.

So I guess school wasn’t really that bad, but it wasn’t that great either. The only word that comes to my head is dull or meh. Today was just… boring.

But I will come out of this dark cloud of fear and stress. I have a positive attitude that tomorrow will be better, that the classes will be exciting, and that my introvertedness will somehow disappear overnight. I got this.

It’s so weird being back at school. The disclosures, the bells, even the people. Guess I just gotta get used to it.

So here I am, I couldn’t bear to withhold today’s adventures from my readers (which usually consists of my mother and the poor souls who accidently click on my blog from time to time). I hope you all understand the pains of going back to school.

And here’s a word of advice to you students (of all ages). We all have our groups, but once in a while, please please PLEASE reach out. Find a new friend. Invite someone to sit with you at lunch. You don’t know how many kids out there need a friendly face.

Well, goodbye summer 2016, hello High School Prison.

-Charlotte Emelia


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Which One: Past or Future?


The other day I was playing a “Would You Rather” quiz (which was way too long so I eventually quit and moved on with my life) and there was a question thrown at me that made me surprised.

If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future?

Now the question itself isn’t surprising, (I’ve heard it plenty a time) but the results showed that more people opted to go to the future rather than the past.

It astounded me because I chose the past as my answer. Our history is full of all kinds of amazing things; who wouldn’t take the chance to travel through time just to see those things? Imagine meeting Leonardo Da Vinci in person, watching Shakespeare’s lost play, or seeing Winston Churchill in action… definitely on my bucket list.

Just think about it. Can you assume how unbelievably cool it would be to sing with the people of France in the Revolution, or dance in the 1920’s with the flapper girls? How thrilling would it be to intercept a war telegram and crack the code? Very, very thrilling.

Of course there are many sad events in the past, but there are so many more events that are life-changing… literally. Our history defines who we are, it would be an honor to witness it with my own hungry eyes.

For me, I would be terrified to visit the future. What if I was disappointed in what I saw, how would I be able to bear it?

I’m sure that there are many different views on whether the past or the future is better, and to tell you the truth I probably have gone way too deep thinking about a “would you rather” question, but for a history geek like me, visiting the past would be an extreme privilege.

Okay, if any of you develop a machine with time travelling capabilities (and it won’t fry my brains) please notify me. For now, I’ll just watch Doctor Who to get my fix. 😉

-Charlotte Emelia

Is there a certain event in the past that you wish you could see? Or perhaps you would rather go to the future? Lemme know!