Why I Do Hard Things

It took only three weeks of school to make me realize that I'm drowning. I go to school, I go to work, and then I do homework until I go to bed. My A.P. classes are making sure that I don't get any free time, not even to write a blog post once in a... Continue Reading →


Back at it again with the High School

Excited for school? What was I thinking... As the end of summer came zooming towards me, I began to get excited about school starting. I couldn't wait to get back into an organized lifestyle, have friends to talk to, and learn things that would get me to college. But this morning as I walked into... Continue Reading →

Resisting the School Supplies

The school year is nearly upon me and I am facing the greatest challenge that students have ever encountered: buying school supplies. School shopping is like a vacuum: it sucks you into its sticky grasp and doesn't let go until you have thoroughly exhausted your wallet and have begun to question why you bought 30 college... Continue Reading →

How to Survive the ACT

Prior to the beginning of Summer break, I took the ACT test at my high school for the very first time. I was anxious, paranoid, and apprehensive about what I would find on the test and what my score would be.  Besides, I forgot everything I had learned during the school year. When I arrived... Continue Reading →


Today was the last day of school! After signing lots of people's yearbooks and regretting that I didn't sign more, I came home completely and happily FINISHED with sophomore year. YESH! To keep me busy during the three months of freedom, I have made some goals for myself. Here are a few: Finish my novel... Continue Reading →

Being a Diminisher or a Multiplier

  A couple months ago I listened to a lecture given by Larry Gelwix, a determined coach spotlighted in Forever Strong (read about my experience here). He gave a lot of advice, and there were a few things that stood out to me. Larry explained that there are two types of leaders: multipliers and diminishers. Multipliers... Continue Reading →

Best Music for Studying and Concentration

I have gone through so many YouTube videos for the sake of homework. I enjoy listening to music while I study or concentrate, but too often I find myself distracted. Music is just too entertaining. If I can't listen to my favorite playlist of songs, then I try instrumental. Unfortunately, most modern instrumental music is... Continue Reading →

Turning Storms into Raindrops

Have you ever looked at a distant rain storm and realized how strange it looked? The rain looks completely different from the way it looks when you are in it. It almost looks as if that dark, scary cloud was draining itself onto the grass, doesn't it? It even looks a bit intimidating as if... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fear the Future

This week has been full of anxiety. With an upcoming AP test and a sincere need for a job, I have been burdened with worry, confusion, and hopelessness. Although it was a good intervention for my procrastination, getting hit by a tidal wave is never pleasant. I can feel this deep despair and fear of... Continue Reading →

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