It didn’t take long for her to put on the shoes. Once she did, she took a deep breath and whispered, “Run.” At her own command, she took off down the dusty road. Corn stalks on either side towered above her. She was away from any civilization, and the feeling of sweet isolation overpowered her.... Continue Reading →



Heavy steps Grey spirit Careful movements Dusty coat     -Charlotte Emelia Check out another Inktober post here.


It glinted in the sunlight and stood atop a mount, but no man in any land had the Strength to pull it out.   Neither did any man have the Strength to bear the pain of making right decisions amid the common disdain.   Nor did any fearless knight Have Strength to love his friends-... Continue Reading →


Each day I stepped closer and closer to the edge of the water. Each new burden- each new responsibility- took me a step further, but I didn't think I would ever go too far. I didn't think I could. Soon I stood so close to the water that I could see my reflection. I could... Continue Reading →

Painting The Brush Strokes In Your Life

Vincent Van Gogh was an amazing painter who transformed the pain of his tormented life into magnificent beauty. He followed his dreams and portrayed the world in ecstatic colors and paint. Although he was made fun of and harassed because of his work during his lifetime, now he is a shining example of a talented... Continue Reading →

Art Journal-Getting Started

I recently started a new art project with The Inky Teapot called Art Journaling. It's a really fun way to express your creativity and relieve your stress.  If you are interested in this project, look up some picture and information on the internet. Basically, you draw and paint in an old book and make it really... Continue Reading →

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