Inside the Cloud

It was very dark by the time I drove home from work. The moon was completely covered by the broad clouds that still lingered from the evening rainstorms and the street lamps were dimmed by thin fog, but as I turned onto a street in my neighborhood, the fog thickened considerably.

I slowed down and leaned forward. Groaning, I squinted at the road that was barely visible and continued pressing down on the brakes. As I went further, the fog grew thicker and thicker until I could not trust my ability to drive. Except for the bright lights of other cars, I was completely blind. I flicked my brights on, but instantly regretted it as the entire space around me was illuminated.

That’s when I saw it: a silhouette only a few yards in front of me, standing in the middle the road. I screamed and slammed the brakes, causing my car to jerk to a stop. For a moment, I thought I hit whoever was in the road, but I didn’t remember feeling an impact. My stomach churned just thinking about hitting someone.

I peered through the windshield. A sphere of grey light surrounded my headlights, but nothing else was there. I could have sworn that whatever I saw was closer, but the road was empty, although the wisps of fog loomed around my car as if they were alive.

Just as I began to roll slowly forward, a pale figure darted through the sphere of light past my side window. I screamed again and pressed into my seat. Although I stopped again, I reached for the button to lock all my doors.

My music was already off, and the silence radiated through my body. I was completely alert- waiting for something to make a noise besides my own rapid breathing. Deep down, I really, truly hoped that I had imagined the pale figure. I shakily turned my head to the left, looking behind me… and my heart flung forward when I saw a sickly, grey face pressed into the rear door.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t cry. I just sat there, waiting for those sunken eyes to meet mine. The dry, chapped lips of the face snarled upward and the door handle started clicking and jiggling on the door. A loud pop signaled the handle breaking off. The creature used the handle to hit the window.

The loud noises put me out of my paralyzed state and I dragged my foot to the gas and floored it. The monster screeched as the car moved forward, but the pale figure did not hang on to the car. I drove as fast as I could through the fog, not looking back or caring which side of the street I was on. I couldn’t even feel my foot on the pedal or my hands on the wheel, I only felt the tears forming in my eyes.

A few moments later, I could see the street again. In fact, the night was so clear and visible, it was hard to believe that I had just come out of a very thick fog. It was as if I passed through a cloud in the sky.

I made a few turns and reached my house. It took a full 10 minutes to will myself out of the car, for I was so afraid of that figure jumping out again. Once I finally stepped out of the car, I shined the light from my phone on the left side of the automobile. I wanted to see if I imagined what had happened.

Unfortunately, I saw the cracked window and a gaping hole where the door handle should have been.


-Charlotte Emelia

Creepy? Not creepy? Let me know because this “creature” will appear again in my weekly FLASH FICTION FRIDAY.


3 thoughts on “Inside the Cloud

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  1. I was a little alarmed by the ending. You really must wonder what the speaker is saying. I loved the more innocent feel of it all, unlike movies these days, which I felt made the ominous setting more meaningful. Definitely enjoyed this one.

    P.S. Just curious what service you are using for your page mail. Is it through WordPress or is it using something like MailChimp

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I enjoyed writing this:) and yes, I just use WordPress to post and it shows up in my subscribers’ emails. I will most likely be using mailchimp soon, though:)


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