The Ups and Downs of Writing

There are some days where I could write for hours on end. Those days, like the day I wrote My Burning Fire, are absolutely amazing. Words tumble out of my brain like the waterfalls of Rivendell while my excitement level overflows. I can usually spit out two or three thousand words easily in a couple of hours.

But then there are days like today where I can barely keep my eyes on the screen. For the past two hours I have scrolled through facebook, contemplated my life choices, and played all the games on my phone to avoid focusing on something that really matters to me. In fact, by writing this post I am avoiding the REAL writing that I want to do (*cough cough* finish my 300 page novel!)

But every writer must have days like these. I think, in a way, that occurences such as these really define the sheer willpower of a writer- specifically an author. We spend so much time on our books: we create them, shape them, and enhance them.

We breathe life into them.

And every life has to have ups and downs, right? Without them, there is no life.


Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts. I hope this might help other writers out there to quench their doubts. Don’t give up if you get some serious writer’s block, no matter the circumstances. Keep going and one day it will turn out.

I think I will return to my novel, now. Wish me luck.

-Charlotte Emelia


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