The Ups and Downs of Writing

There are some days where I could write for hours on end. Those days, like the day I wrote My Burning Fire, are absolutely amazing. Words tumble out of my brain like the waterfalls of Rivendell while my excitement level overflows. I can usually spit out two or three thousand words easily in a couple of... Continue Reading →



Trapped in a moment of time Forever holding my gaze I can't look away Captivated by this portal A recurring enigma The jewel of paradoxes Constant infinity I ask myself, How deep will I go?        

The Air of Silence

I felt its entrance into the atmosphere. A buzzing soundlessness filled my ears and I stood very still, tilting my head to interpret the change in the air. I lifted my eyes to the foggy heavens where the sun was hidden beneath the clouds. Everything was an orange-gray haze, and the skies were daringly empty; not a single... Continue Reading →


It slices through the air silver, quick In the blink of an eye spinning, whirling On impact it hurts deadly, silent My love for you is the bullet And I am the one who got hit.  

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