Back at it again with the High School

Excited for school? What was I thinking…

As the end of summer came zooming towards me, I began to get excited about school starting. I couldn’t wait to get back into an organized lifestyle, have friends to talk to, and learn things that would get me to college.

But this morning as I walked into that musty bomb shelter where only florescent yellow lights illuminate the black pit, I began to realize that not only will I live a stressful lifestyle but I won’t see my close friends in nearly any of my classes. I just see a lot of people that I don’t know and who probably don’t like me…

And turns out with two AP classes and an honors class that I’m taking, it seems as if I’m already in college. EEK!

I guess the binge watching is over, Watson.

I’m exaggerating of course (the Netflix binge watching will never be completely quenched) ; driving to school and back with my squad was great, and we all have lockers close by.

So I guess school wasn’t really that bad, but it wasn’t that great either. The only word that comes to my head is dull or meh. Today was just… boring.

But I will come out of this dark cloud of fear and stress. I have a positive attitude that tomorrow will be better, that the classes will be exciting, and that my introvertedness will somehow disappear overnight. I got this.

It’s so weird being back at school. The disclosures, the bells, even the people. Guess I just gotta get used to it.

So here I am, I couldn’t bear to withhold today’s adventures from my readers (which usually consists of my mother and the poor souls who accidently click on my blog from time to time). I hope you all understand the pains of going back to school.

And here’s a word of advice to you students (of all ages). We all have our groups, but once in a while, please please PLEASE reach out. Find a new friend. Invite someone to sit with you at lunch. You don’t know how many kids out there need a friendly face.

Well, goodbye summer 2016, hello High School Prison.

-Charlotte Emelia



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