Resisting the School Supplies

School office supplies.
School Supplies… Do You REALLY Need Everything?

The school year is nearly upon me and I am facing the greatest challenge that students have ever encountered: buying school supplies.

School shopping is like a vacuum: it sucks you into its sticky grasp and doesn’t let go until you have thoroughly exhausted your wallet and have begun to question why you bought 30 college rule notebooks even though you already have 50 at home.

Picture this: you go to the office supply store with a vague list of objects that you need, but as soon as you step foot into the school section… BOOM! You see that pencil pouches are only $1 so you end up buying 4 just in case you somehow need all 4 during the year, even though you haven’t used one since you were 10.

And look! Paper folders for 10 cents, mini staplers for $2, and $6 for a planner that you will never look at. And since you’re saving so much on these “whole number” deals, why not buy a plastic folder with a puppy on it for way too much money? And that three-ring binder that has space ships on it: why not get that to stick all your new pouches and puppy folders in?

Just watch the process turn for the worst. Since there are so many sales going on, why don’t you grab glue sticks, colored pencils, crayons, pizza-covered anything, erasers, and tissues just for the heck of it? Since you are in high school you won’t use any of these things often, but you just have to have them. You’re like Gollum in Lord of the Rings: my precious. 

By the time you buy a new backpack and 600 mechanical pencils, you realize how many school supplies you actually don’t need. Why were you so desperate to get them when you were in a school frenzy? Hopefully, your mom will come along and prevent you from buying a tape dispenser in the shape of an apple, but you never know… maybe she’ll get the school frenzy too.

To sum up, school shopping is fun and exciting, but very absurd. Buying school supplies may be the one time I am extremely materialistic and greedy for things that I don’t necessarily need. Sales create an illusion that convinces students and their parents that they are actually saving money on supplies, but in reality, it just lures them into a vacuum of money spending and regret.

As I put my Star Wars folders and 25 assorted InkJoy pens into my new gray backpack, I can attest that I got sucked into school shopping.

But maybe it will be worth it.

-Charlotte Emelia


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