Which One: Past or Future?


The other day I was playing a “Would You Rather” quiz (which was way too long so I eventually quit and moved on with my life) and there was a question thrown at me that made me surprised.

If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future?

Now the question itself isn’t surprising, (I’ve heard it plenty a time) but the results showed that more people opted to go to the future rather than the past.

It astounded me because I chose the past as my answer. Our history is full of all kinds of amazing things; who wouldn’t take the chance to travel through time just to see those things? Imagine meeting Leonardo Da Vinci in person, watching Shakespeare’s lost play, or seeing Winston Churchill in action… definitely on my bucket list.

Just think about it. Can you assume how unbelievably cool it would be to sing with the people of France in the Revolution, or dance in the 1920’s with the flapper girls? How thrilling would it be to intercept a war telegram and crack the code? Very, very thrilling.

Of course there are many sad events in the past, but there are so many more events that are life-changing… literally. Our history defines who we are, it would be an honor to witness it with my own hungry eyes.

For me, I would be terrified to visit the future. What if I was disappointed in what I saw, how would I be able to bear it?

I’m sure that there are many different views on whether the past or the future is better, and to tell you the truth I probably have gone way too deep thinking about a “would you rather” question, but for a history geek like me, visiting the past would be an extreme privilege.

Okay, if any of you develop a machine with time travelling capabilities (and it won’t fry my brains) please notify me. For now, I’ll just watch Doctor Who to get my fix. 😉

-Charlotte Emelia

Is there a certain event in the past that you wish you could see? Or perhaps you would rather go to the future? Lemme know!



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