Back at it again with the High School

Excited for school? What was I thinking... As the end of summer came zooming towards me, I began to get excited about school starting. I couldn't wait to get back into an organized lifestyle, have friends to talk to, and learn things that would get me to college. But this morning as I walked into... Continue Reading →


For Anton

My warrior who sailed the skies My pilot of the Beyond I've missed you It's been two months, you know But I feel like it's only been a few days Because your memory lies across the screen I saw your face... or rather your ghost And as I sat in the theater I contemplated your death You... Continue Reading →

Resisting the School Supplies

The school year is nearly upon me and I am facing the greatest challenge that students have ever encountered: buying school supplies. School shopping is like a vacuum: it sucks you into its sticky grasp and doesn't let go until you have thoroughly exhausted your wallet and have begun to question why you bought 30 college... Continue Reading →

Which One: Past or Future?

The other day I was playing a "Would You Rather" quiz (which was way too long so I eventually quit and moved on with my life) and there was a question thrown at me that made me surprised. If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future? Now the... Continue Reading →

A Shopping List You Never Remember

  Have you ever been somewhere like in the bathroom or taking a shower when you realize that you are out of something or need an object, but the only time you remember is when you are in that place (like the bathroom or shower)? Ya, just wondering. -Charlotte Emelia Like if this happens- comment if... Continue Reading →

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