Exploding Flowers on the Fourth of July


The Fourth of July is by far the biggest holiday in the U.S. besides Christmas. There are multitudes of parades, live music, barbecues, and endless festivities provided by the community. Some people like the parades the best, others like the time they spend with family. Heck, others just like the day off.

But for me, the best part of July 4th is the end of the night, roughly around 10 o’clock. That is, of course, the fireworks.

I love looking out across the night sky and seeing the myriad of exploding flowers as far as the horizon. I love listening to the soft shimmers and pops of the distant explosions across my city.

And then I enjoy turning my attention to the fireworks I came to see and I begin to smell them. I like seeing the huge explosions and being blinded by new and improved rockets.

Then the smoke floats away and I go home; ending the day with a bang.

I love getting together on the Fourth of July and I love how involved everyone is. It’s hot, it’s bright, and it’s fun.

I hope all of you enjoyed the Fourth yesterday.

-Charlotte Emelia


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