Frodo and the Awkwardness of Emelia

That moment when you're driving down the street and see some hot boys on the sidewalk... but you try to act cool as they stare with mystified expressions because you've got the Lord of the Rings soundtrack booming out your windows. **********whyyyyyyy*********** Sticks arm out the open window and nods in acknowledgment to the guys my... Continue Reading →


How to Survive the ACT

Prior to the beginning of Summer break, I took the ACT test at my high school for the very first time. I was anxious, paranoid, and apprehensive about what I would find on the test and what my score would be.  Besides, I forgot everything I had learned during the school year. When I arrived... Continue Reading →

500 Miles

Thanks to an amazing blogger and friend known as Inky, I have had a fantastic song rolling through my head for nearly 72 hours. Most songs that constantly run through my mind get really annoying really fast, but this song hasn't. Number one on my current list of favorite songs, I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) is... Continue Reading →

That Atrocious Strawberry Lemonade

Let me tell you a little bit about my life: it's lame. Let's imagine me, an introvert who minds her own business and doesn't like to be social a whole lot. I like conversing with friends and close family, but prefer not to explain my life story to every person in the world. Now let's... Continue Reading →

Exploding Flowers on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is by far the biggest holiday in the U.S. besides Christmas. There are multitudes of parades, live music, barbecues, and endless festivities provided by the community. Some people like the parades the best, others like the time they spend with family. Heck, others just like the day off. But for me,... Continue Reading →

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