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My name is unique…or is it?

When I was younger, I disliked my name. I thought it was too long and weird, so I searched endlessly for nicknames that I liked. Lottie, Charlie, and Charles were out of the question, but soon all my friends started calling me Charlie and I started to like it.

After I had grown accustomed to the names Charlie and Charles, I realized how pretty my name was. Charlotte started to seem elegant and graceful (especially in a british accent).

And then a royal british baby had to come along and guess what? She was named Charlotte.

All of sudden, my name started popping up all over the world. I started finding my name on keychains (which I’m not complaining about) and in tourist shops. Parents started naming their kids Charlotte.

So apparently my name is now number 3 on the popular baby names list. Yay. In a decade, I will see a bunch of 10 year olds named Charlotte exploring the internet. It’ll be like an invasion of Charlottes.

I took great pleasure in having a unique name that was all mine. I didn’t have three other Charlottes I had to fight for the Alpha title in my class or at school. There was only one other Charlotte I encountered at school (she’s cool, tho). What if I had 12?

Anyway, just having a small breakdown… or something. Don’t worry about it.

Do you have a really unique name? Or do you have a common name? Lemme know if you feel my pain in the comments.

-Charlotte Emelia





I love to create stories and find adventure out of daily, boring things. There are stories everywhere, you just have to look.

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