My Burning Fire

I feel it.

I really feel it. This thing inside of me is burning brightly and vigorously like my very own nuclear-fusion generator.

I am a writer.

I’ve sat on my bed with my laptop on my lap all day, writing. But not just writing, no, I’ve been creating. 

The past few days I have been drawing my characters and really getting to know them. And today I’ve been putting them on paper. As I did this all day, I have felt a strong connection with each and every character I typed.

Heck, I even broke down in tears as I thought of the villain’s backstory.

But it happened. I’ve always been a writer, and I know that. Today, I really discovered what it meant to be an author.

My world that I have created, it’s real in my head. The characters that I have developed are so close to my heart that I long for them to come alive and take me to their world. The characters that I have killed off are haunting me with their ghosts.

I am a writer. Oh how amazing it feels.

Lately I have been thinking about my future. My biggest problem is that I don’t love something enough to give everything up for that career.


It wasn’t until 14 minutes ago when I realized that I had found my missing piece. I am a writer. And I love it so much that I have a burning fire inside of me that can’t be doused.

What do you love so much that you would rip yourself apart to accomplish it? Let me know in the comments what your burning fire is.

-Charlotte Emelia


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