How to Get Rid of Summer Blues

School’s out, summer’s here, and unless you’re out on vacation, you’re probably doing absolutely nothing.

blog hammock.jpg

Summer blues are a thing. Now that you have nothing to do, you feel obligated to do nothing. Unless you’re working, most of your summer includes staring at the wall or watching Netflix.

Summer has a funny effect that makes you feel like you have to be bored. You’re tired or you just don’t want to do anything. Don’t fear! I have the solution to get rid of that nasty feeling that forces you to become a couch potato.

And here it is: get outta the house.

That’s right, boys and girls. Get off your lazy butts and walk right out into the wilderness. You can go to lunch, go swimming, or just have a picnic in your backyard. Just get out of your man cave.


When you’re at home, lets face it, you’re way too comfortable to do anything. Why go biking in the hot sun when you’ve got the AC running? Exactly.

But if you force yourself to get outside, you wake up. You actually want to go do things.

When I’m extra lazy or tired, I go swing in my hammock. It’s only 15 feet from my house, but somehow the warm sun on my face and the gently breeze blowing past me wakes me up.

Another way that I get off my lazy behind is by going to the library. I did this during the school year a lot because I was able to focus more clearly on my homework when I was away from home, but now I do it to write my novel. When I’m at home, the novel is usually the last thing on my mind. Why type and use my brain when I have YouTube? When I’m somewhere else, I get a lot more done.

If you’re feeling the summer blues, just find a way to get out of the house, whether its by driving, walking, biking, or literally just sitting in your yard. Don’t succumb to that lazy, unfulfilling feeling of nothing.

Summer’s a time for campfires, sports, swimming, and fun. Don’t let the blues get to you, let the sun get to you.

-Charlotte Emelia


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