9 Mind Tricks You Need To Try

Not only do I love studying the minds and behaviors of humans, but I love pulling mind tricks on people. It’s easy to trick and confuse the brain, here are a few methods that you must try! (These are all tested and work on almost everyone)

  1. Name A Vegetable– Start by asking a friend what 1+1 is. 2+2? 4+4? Finally, ask what 8+8 is. After they answer correctly, quickly ask them to name a vegetable. Most people will say carrot. Strange, right?
  2. Think Fast- Pick an object such as a pen or pencil. Place your friend’s hand a couple of inches above the object. Place your hand more than 10 inches above theirs and ask a simple question: “Do you think you can grab the object before I can?” Tell them to grab the object when your hand reaches for it. You will easily grab the object before your friend does every time.
  3. Left-Right Conflict– look at the chart below and say the color not the word. This tricks me every time!mind-trick-color-trick
  4. Stuck In Your Head– Torture your peers by getting a song stuck in their head. Sing the chorus of a well know song, and after a while divert their attention by asking a question or making them think about something else. If you do it right, you’ll get that song stuck in their head for hours!
  5. Classical Conditioning– Pavlov did these types of experiments with dogs, but we can do the same thing with humans. Whenever someone says a specific word or phrase, respond with increased enthusiasm. After a while, they will say that word or phrase more often because it appeals to you.
  6. Fake Memories– There are two ways to do this. If you want your friend to remember something that never happened, first recall the memory at least three times. Each time add a few more details to make it more believable and eventually they will start to believe it. The second way is to get a few more friends on the bandwagon and all claim to remember the scenario. The friend you are fooling will most likely give into peer pressure and pretend to remember it.
  7. The Counting Criminal– If you want to mess someone up while they are counting, just say a different set of numbers in sequence. They will latch on to what you are saying and forget where they are.
  8. Eye Pressure– If you want to get more out of someone, just silently stare at them directly in the eyes. Most people will become intimidated and spill the beans.
  9. Superman– This trick is by far one of the coolest mind tricks you can do on your friends. Ask your victim to lie on their stomach with their arms straight out like superman (Tell them to close their eyes and keep ’em shut!). Once they are settled, lift both of your friend’s arms until their upper body is at about a 45 degree angle. Hold them for about two minutes; it will get a little uncomfortable for them, but hey, it’s worth it!! After two minutes, lower them down very slowly until their arms touch the ground again.                                                                                                                                      The brain tricks you into thinking that you’ve reached the ground before you actually have, and it will feel as if your body is going through the floor.Your friend will FREAK out as they feel their body tilting towards the twilight zone. It’s crazy!

I hoped you like these mind tricks. Comment how well they worked for you, and like for more!

-Charlotte Emelia


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