Today was the last day of school! After signing lots of people's yearbooks and regretting that I didn't sign more, I came home completely and happily FINISHED with sophomore year. YESH! To keep me busy during the three months of freedom, I have made some goals for myself. Here are a few: Finish my novel... Continue Reading →


How To Kill A Spider

First, find the foul creature scurrying around your bathtub. While making a strange screeching noise, go head and drown the unsettling monster with 10 gallons of water. After you watch the successful current drag the spider towards the drain, go ahead and gently set a extremely large clump of toilet paper on the creature. Then,... Continue Reading →

9 Mind Tricks You Need To Try

Not only do I love studying the minds and behaviors of humans, but I love pulling mind tricks on people. It's easy to trick and confuse the brain, here are a few methods that you must try! (These are all tested and work on almost everyone) Name A Vegetable- Start by asking a friend what... Continue Reading →

What Makes Me a Writer

Writing a novel is tough. There are times where I give up on long nights, lose hope in the future, have no motivation to write, or get angry for no reason. All forces of life seem to be against writers, and that's why it's so important to stick with it. I'm currently in the middle... Continue Reading →

Being a Diminisher or a Multiplier

  A couple months ago I listened to a lecture given by Larry Gelwix, a determined coach spotlighted in Forever Strong (read about my experience┬áhere). He gave a lot of advice, and there were a few things that stood out to me. Larry explained that there are two types of leaders: multipliers and diminishers. Multipliers... Continue Reading →

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