People Watching (part one)

As a writer, I watch people. Humans are so intriguing and complex; each personality is similar.. yet entirely different like snowflakes in a storm. I can’t help but study snowflakes every day.

And every once in a while, I find a snowflake worthy to be in a novel.

Every personality is worthy to be written, mind you, but you have to get to know those personalities in order to understand them. Sometimes people have first impressions that hit you like a train.

Because I’m a writer, I’m really good at studying how brains work, but I’m also really good at deciphering the things beneath because as a girl who has often been ignored, shunned, and out of place, I am able to notice many of the same feelings.

It’s a blessing and a curse, I know.

Anyway, I notice a lot of people that fascinate me, and I would like to share with you a few of those people because they are definitely novel-worthy.



The Girl Who Dances Alone

A beautiful girl with a fistful of blond, curly hair crossed my mind several months ago. I was at a dance (if you can call it that) where of course no one was dancing… except her. I could see her in her sky-blue dress dancing among groups of uncomfortable teenagers. She didn’t care what people thought of her, maybe because no one cared anyways.

The Candy Man

While on vacation I went to a chocolate store. By the door was an older man handing out samples of the chocolate. His warm, brown skin crinkled as he smiled and handed out candy to myself and a friend. He continued to give us handfuls of chocolates while saying, “You didn’t see it, I didn’t see it. Just take them!”

The kindest people do the simplest things. I hope that he is happy.

The Girl Who Has A Voice

This girl intrigued me greatly when I went to a Leadership Conference for CYC. She had short, golden hair and a stout figure. She had slightly crooked teeth and a noticeable lisp, but that didn’t stop her from speaking her mind. The girl liked to be right and had lots of things to say, but often no one was around to listen.She was very independent, but deep down, I think all she wanted was a couple of friends.

I can imagine a story about her struggle with being both a strong woman and a likable person with friends, until one day some guy comes into her life. She enjoys bossing him around and likes his company, but what she doesn’t know is that he’s in love with her.

The Homeless Woman With A Story To Tell

I only saw her for a few seconds, but that was enough. An older woman sat on the curb with her tattered hood up against the wind. Her finger-less gloves tightly clutched a dirty composition notebook.

With a pen in her hand, she wrote her story. The notebook was worn out and halfway full of her words and feelings. What story was she writing?

Everyone has a story, but not many are willing to share. I love seeing people as who they really are, deep down.

I hope you enjoyed my people watching, keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3!

-Charlotte Emelia


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  1. I knew of an elderly homeless lady in my area once, she used to put all her belongings into a shopping cart and take it with her everywhere. After a long while of seeing her around, she approached me when I was sitting on a bench, upset about a recent break up I had. She sat next to me and for some reason or other poured her story out to me. It was very touching, she said she would rather live on the streets than live alone in her house, because she feared dying without anyone knowing she was dead as no one visited her anymore, not even her son. She wouldn’t go into a nursing home either. So sad 😦

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