Faith in Guys Restored

I often think of finding my “someone”. I have pretty high standards and expectations for my true love and no one that I have met so far has impressed me a whole lot.

Of course I’m only 16, but it doesn’t hurt to dream a little, right?

I one day (in the far future) hope to find a guy who is not only hot and intelligent, but humble. I want someone who is willing to take time for himself and mean it. I want someone who, when he smiles, it’s sincere.

Well, my faith in guys was finally restored yesterday. After school I decided to go study in my favorite place: the library.

In the back of the building lies a row of desks, each one in front of the other. I rarely saw anyone back there but college students and old men. I went to go sit down, and to my surprise, sitting two desks behind me was a boy. He was my age and he was actually reading a book.

Like, for fun.

I didn’t want to stare at him or anything so I sat down. He was really hot; which surprised me because I thought there was like a “cute guy” rule that prevented boys from hanging out in the book nook. He probably was too involved in his novel to notice me, but that was okay because I looked pretty dorky. Hello- nerd stereotype over here.

I probably won’t ever see him again, but it was nice to see that maybe my expectations aren’t impossible.



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