Turning Storms into Raindrops

Have you ever looked at a distant rain storm and realized how strange it looked? The rain looks completely different from the way it looks when you are in it.


It almost looks as if that dark, scary cloud was draining itself onto the grass, doesn’t it? It even looks a bit intimidating as if it were a tornado in the works. Imagine that you were on a road trip. How would you like to drive through that?

But, as you pass through that storm, it’s entirely different. Instead of a wall of cloud and storm, you notice the small raindrops that hit your windshield. All you hear is the quiet pelts of the rain.


It’s not what you expected. The rain never seems to be there until it hits you. Literally. Sometimes what may seem as a large storm turns out to be a light rain.

This is very applicable to life. There are things in the future that seem scary and intimidating. Most often, we are afraid to face those things.

What we don’t realize is how different the actual event or trial is.

Here’s an example. I am 16 years old and a licensed driver. I don’t mind driving, but I also am a little afraid of big things like travelling the freeway on my own.

Although there are only 6 weeks left of school, I decided that it would be best for me to buy a parking pass and drive to school.

I didn’t think much of my decision until the night before my first day driving to school. I went around to run errands, get gas, etc., but I was sloppy. I didn’t watch out very well for crazy drivers, I forgot how to put gas in my car, and I even freaked out a bit practicing in the school parking lot.

I realized that I didn’t have much experience with stressful driving situations like exiting the large school parking lot.

Reminding myself of my inexperience, I was afraid. Deathly afraid. There were so many factors that could go wrong, I was practically pulling my hair out. I saw the rainstorm from afar.

Then the morning came. With white knuckled hands clutching the wheel, I drove to school nearly an hour early. I parked away from everybody else and locked my car. Twice.

When the last bell rang, I trembled as I slowly walked to my car. I waited until most others were already gone and then finally got the courage to wait in line and escape the lot.

To my surprise, the big scary storm turned out to be small raindrops. I was aware and smart. I safely got in and out, and I was perfectly fine.

I was so scared for no reason. Now that I have more confidence in my driving (and parking skills) I am able to safely leave to and fro from school.


But sometimes, the rain isn’t light. Sometimes it pours so hard and fast that it is hard to see through your mental windshield. Sometimes the storm never seems easier.


But fear not. Those trials and problems in your life can’t go away immediately, but as long as you use your windshield wipers and take it slow on the road of Life, you will make it through.

We all have those times in our lives where rain pours. And not the beautiful kind of rain; rather, the kind that is dark and loud and cold. Lightning, thunder, and wind is against us in all directions.

One day the light will come. And with it, you will have newly gained experience and strength. That rain you went through will help nurture you and help you grow just like it does to the beautiful flowers and trees.

So go into that storm and be prepared, but not afraid. Because maybe, it isn’t as scary as you think.

Charlotte Emelia


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