I wrote this poem for a Poetry Slam in English. It is inspired by an article that I read about a Classical Nova; a nova that can reoccur because it is part of a binary system. I wrote it through the eyes of a personified meteorite carrying the remnants of a supernova.

Credit to NASA


By Charlotte Emelia

Citizens of the third orb from the sun

Listen close

I have a story to tell

I have witnessed a glorious


A beautiful and dramatic death

Of a star

If you don’t believe me, look inside my Silicon bones

Inside me and my meteorite brothers

Contains the subatomic fingerprints of a love story

I have the ghost

Of a supernova

I witnessed two stellar eruptions

The original Romeo and Juliet

Desperately in love

Exploding in passion

But cursed

Fate had different plans for them

So look at me

Examine me

Discover my tale of Woe

The beauty, fury, and love I have seen

I must share it

with all who are willing to hear

About the tragic deaths of two lovers

I carry a story of love, passion, and lust

It is the tale of two lovers’ STARDUST


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