Painting The Brush Strokes In Your Life


Vincent Van Gogh was an amazing painter who transformed the pain of his tormented life into magnificent beauty. He followed his dreams and portrayed the world in ecstatic colors and paint. Although he was made fun of and harassed because of his work during his lifetime, now he is a shining example of a talented and inspired artist.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” As a painter, Vincent understood this concept both in his work and in his application to life. When painting, one doesn’t see the big picture at first. After many hours spent painting with delicate brush strokes, the beauty is shown.

These tiny brush strokes can relate to life. It takes step by step, line by line, day by day, to develop something worthwhile and amazing. Sometimes, we as imperfect and oblivious humans, look over the small things. It’s not until we look back when we realize the importance and growth those small things gave us.

Those brush strokes can apply to anything in life, whether it’s something physical, mental, or spiritual. We always need improvement in all aspects of our lives, but t’s not possible to reach the destination without walking.

Which is why it is so important that we take baby steps. I know from lots of experience, that it is always better to take the smallest steps rather than not trying at all. There have been many times where I would never get started in self-improvement or a project because I couldn’t see the big picture yet.

Don’t forget the last part of Vincent’s quote “small things brought together.” It is important to be organized when doing those small things. You cannot expect to paint a picture well when you paint random strokes scattered around the canvas. Take time to make the baby steps, but also take time to plan them.

Is there something in your life that you are striving to accomplish? Are you aiming to get in good shape before summer, or to finish your novel before you graduate? No matter what goal you are longing to complete, use Vincent Van Gogh’s wise words. Little by little, you can do it.

I promise.

-Charlotte Emelia


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