Why Writers Need Someone To Talk To

When writing a novel, us writers have two things that are constantly going through our heads:

  1. My writing sucks!
  2. Does my writing make sense?

Although there are many ways to solve the first problem, I’d like to focus on the second, more challenging problem.

Thinking for yourself is hard enough, thinking for an entire world is harder! When creating a story, it’s easy to miss the conflicts in your work such as unrealistic scenarios, confusing plot holes, and unbelievable (as in not believable) explanations and backgrounds. There is so much going on in your head that sometimes you miss the obvious.

Which is why you need a sidekick.

Every writer feels that burning sense of embarrassment when sharing a story or even an idea, and when you spend so much time developing your book, you are too afraid to get feedback from others.

But you need someone to talk to, to fill in those holes in your story.

Find one or two people that you trust completely. They don’t have to be writers or editors, but just find someone  who can give you a different point of view.

Here are a few reasons why talking to someone will make your novel 100% better.

They can tell if it seems realistic: some things might make sense in your head, but to others it’s just gibberish. Having someone else to quality check can help you realize whether or not an event in your story should stay there. Could someone survive falling off of a 50 foot cliff? Are horse saddles big enough for two riders?

They help you beat writers block: Are you stuck on a scene that you just can’t get through? Friends can help you move past it by giving you a different perspective or view. Maybe they will throw at you an entirely new approach to a subject. Friends are good at giving you plans B-Z to think about when plan A just doesn’t work.

They are great at brainstorming: sometimes you have too many unsolved problems that need to be worked out. There is no greater way to untangle a book full of plot holes than to ask for help. By just discussing a topic, you and your confidant can come up with tons of ideas.

Not only will talking to someone help you in creating better content, but it can motivate you. Having someone else excited about your novel can make all the difference when it comes to writing it.

Do you have someone you share your novel with? Let me know how it helps in the comments!

-Charlotte Emelia



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  1. I’ve always wanted to try writing a novel. 🙂 I have lots of good ideas, I just can’t seem to work it out into a story that makes sense yet. I would probably post a chapter or two on my blog for feedback on how it’s going so far, and then consult with friends from school that are also avid readers and writers from there.

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