The Keys to Success-Starring Larry Gelwix

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to attend a Leadership Conference this week featuring guest speakers and panels; and not only was it fun, but I learned a lot. Many of the speakers were inspiring and had great advice on becoming a productive citizen in the community. Larry Gelwix, the rugby coach who was spotlighted in the movie Forever Strong, gave some key points on how to find success.

I’d like to share some of his advice.

Larry Gelwix is known for his admirable success with the Highland Rugby team; their win/loss record of 35 years being 419 wins to 10 losses. He has helped many students and athletes rise above low standards and has inspired many. He inspired me too.

In his talk, he began by asking the question: How do you achieve success? This is what he said.

Start with good people. Success relies on teamwork and trust. Having a good group or team that you can have faith in and love is the key starting point on the road to happiness.

Move from good to great. Working with good people can only take you so far. You need to sit down and think- are you just hanging on or are you pushing forward?

Gelwix then went on to share an experience. He related how several years ago he talked to his team after a game they had won by a landslide. He told them he was disappointed in them. Yes, they had won, but they didn’t do their best.

The biggest obstacle is not pushing ourselves. Perhaps that team could have tried harder and could have grown, but instead they put their brains on cruise control. They were good, but they could have be great.

Through years of hard work and experience, Gelwix has formed what he calls the 5 Championship Strategies for Sustainable Success. These include:

  1. We… not me. Larry Gelwix defines the line between Horizontal Leaders and Vertical Leaders. Vertical Leaders are just threats and intimidation while Horizontal leaders have respect and humility. Larry Gelwix wisely said that “There is no such thing as negative motivation.”
  2. Don’t Play with Snakes. This one is simple. When you see a poisonous snake, you know what it is and you know it will bite, so avoid it. This applies to harmful things in life- try to avoid these.
  3. Hit the Field Running. Attitude= Effort. Attitude really is everything, but remember: Attitude follows Behavior.
  4. Expect to W.I.N. What’s Important Now? Figure out what things are on your priority list, and fix what needs to be changed!
  5. Focus on the Final Score. Gelwix invites us to think like a coach and focus on the end of the game. What is the outcome you wish to achieve?

“As a leader, your #1 priority is to bring out the best in others.”- Larry Gelwix.

Success is hard to achieve, but Larry Gelwix gives great advice for getting started!

Thank you Larry Gelwix for taking the time to speak to the Youth City Councils, we really appreciated what you had to say. I personally have learned a lot from what you have said- specifically about being a Horizontal Leader. This has increased my knowledge in Leadership and I will use your wise words in my daily life.

-Charlotte Emelia

Credit to Larry Gelwix and his talk at the Youth City Council Leadership Institute Conference.



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