Finding that Moment of Peace

Life can be soooooo crazy sometimes. Just kidding, it’s ALWAYS crazy, which is why it is extremely important to relax and relieve stress everyday. I know how hard it can be to take time out of our busy, busy schedules, but it is necessary for us imperfect humans to just stop the world for a moment and breath.

My way of relieving stress fluctuates all the time. Sometimes it’s doing yoga, other times it’s writing my blog, but there is one thing that will always help me calm down and get organized.

And that’s driving.

I recently got my license a couple months ago and it is so nice to just go places on my own. Since I can’t legally drive my friends, I spend most of the time driving by myself. This, I admit, is both a curse and a blessing.

But in times of stress or frantic moments of life, I enjoy listening to music and relaxing as I drive to my destinations.

I’m not a big fan of busy streets, so more often then not I find myself taking the long way home. This gives me time to sort out my thoughts and reassure my doubts and fears. I love rolling down the window and turning up my 70’s/80’s radio station for all to hear.

I used this method of meditation this evening when I was freaking out about a big, scary test that I am hoping to pass tomorrow. I had been running nonstop all day, and driving home from the grocery store allowed me to stop the world from spinning so fast and simply relax.

I was able to sort out my time and efforts toward the test, and I’m okay now. (I’ll let y’all know how I did).  This really is a great reminder to me that I mentally need time to myself every day.

And so do you.

Find that moment of peace in your lives, and so help me, keep moving forward.

-Charlotte Emelia


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