Things To Do Outside with Friends

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It’s finally starting to get warm outside, so what better way to enjoy the heat but with friends? Here are some fun ideas to get you and your friends started.

Go on a hike

It doesn’t take much to admire the nature of this world- which is why hikes are amazing! Find a nearby hike or trail that you can take your friends on. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Play Ultimate Frisbee

Playing sports with athletes can be hard and annoying, so why not play something easy and fun? Ultimate Frisbee is both competitive and casual without the heat.

Do some Stargazing

As a (possible) future astronomer, I love watching the stars with my friends. Get out a blanket, some stargazing books, and point out constellations and planets with your squad. It’s a great activity for warm summer nights!

Go swimming

Whether it’s the beach, the lake, or the pool, swimming is fun with a group. There are so many activities when it comes to water, so get out there and party!

Meditate with Yoga

Find a YouTube video (or a friend who knows what they are doing) and relax outside by doing some yoga in a park or a backyard. This might not be your cup-of-tea, but it doesn’t hurt to try (and fail) with you friends.

Around the World Tennis

Putting a twist on sports can be exciting and fun for everyone. This game keeps you active and breathing hard while still making it fun for you and your group. The best part is that you can have as many people playing as you want.

Have a picnic

Find a park by you and have a picnic with your friends. This is an easy way to get outside and eat food. Try it!

Play Four Square

Remember that game you used to play in 4th grade? Grab some chalk, make four squares, and play hard core Four Square with your group. It never gets old!

Play  Night Games

Find a backyard or park and just have fun. Capture the Flag, Sardines, Ninja Tag, and Ghost in the Graveyard are all fun games to play at night with a big group. The hardest part is planning it, but it is definitely worth it!

Hope these help. It’s so pretty outside, don’t miss a chance to enjoy it!

-Charlotte Emelia






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