The Hot Chocolate Miracle

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate. That frothy warm drink that calms you down and makes you sleepy. Not only is hot chocolate perfect for cold nights, but it is simply sweet and, well, perfect.

Today, hot chocolate meant a lot more to me.

Everyone has bad days. They come so quickly and suddenly that you never have time to prepare for them. Today was one of those days. I procrastinated like any teenager out there and then everything plummeted into an evening full of chaos and stress.

It really was a great day at first, but then loneliness, homework, and fear fell upon me like an avalanche and I knew that I had to stay up to keep up in school. And the worst part was that I knew I wouldn’t have time to write my novel.

But my wonderful mother gave me a great big hug and brought the one thing that I needed: pumpkin spice hot chocolate.

Mmm, the wonderful sensation of that warm savory milk that flowed through my body. Each time I put my mouth to my cup, I felt warm and fuzzy. I knew everything would work out.

And now I’ve gulped down all my hot chocolate and I still have a lot of homework, but I am calm and ready to work.

We all have those times where we just have to break down. Don’t let that fear and pain engulf you. Hot chocolate woke me up and kept me going tonight; what will keep you going?

No matter what it is, use it. Don’t be in any unnecessary stressful situations. Worrying won’t make anything better, so just calm down instead.

Tonight was a much needed reminder of how sweet and simple this life can be. I conclude this post by giving thanks to that wonderful hot chocolate.

Oh, and thanks mum. (I know you are reading this, you lovable stalker)

-Charlotte Emelia




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  1. Often, if not always, procrastinating leads to stress. When we allow that stress to build it becomes nearly impossible to accomplish those very tasks we are stressing over. Sometimes it takes something as simple as a mug of pumpkin spice hot chocolate to become refreshed. When the refreshment comes by way of those we love it is all the sweeter.

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