I wrote this poem for a Poetry Slam in English. It is inspired by an article that I read about a Classical Nova; a nova that can reoccur because it is part of a binary system. I wrote it through the eyes of a personified meteorite carrying the remnants of a supernova. Stardust By Charlotte... Continue Reading →


Painting The Brush Strokes In Your Life

Vincent Van Gogh was an amazing painter who transformed the pain of his tormented life into magnificent beauty. He followed his dreams and portrayed the world in ecstatic colors and paint. Although he was made fun of and harassed because of his work during his lifetime, now he is a shining example of a talented... Continue Reading →

Why Writers Need Someone To Talk To

When writing a novel, us writers have two things that are constantly going through our heads: My writing sucks! Does my writing make sense? Although there are many ways to solve the first problem, I'd like to focus on the second, more challenging problem. Thinking for yourself is hard enough, thinking for an entire world... Continue Reading →

The Lightning With No Thunder

It starts with the first drop of rain. A light sprinkle wets the dirt and trees, and soon that small pitter-patter of the rain slowly grows louder. And louder. It pelts the rooftops hard and beats upon the windows with anger until it fills your ears with sound. It bounces off the concrete and soaks through... Continue Reading →

The Keys to Success-Starring Larry Gelwix

I've had the amazing opportunity to attend a Leadership Conference this week featuring guest speakers and panels; and not only was it fun, but I learned a lot. Many of the speakers were inspiring and had great advice on becoming a productive citizen in the community. Larry Gelwix, the rugby coach who was spotlighted in the... Continue Reading →

Emails with Emelia

When first starting my blog, I signed up to many other blog sites that advertised free domains. Of course many of these promises were false and I ended up going with lovely WordPress. When signing up for these blog sites (before they told me I had to pay for a domain) I had to put... Continue Reading →

Finding that Moment of Peace

Life can be soooooo crazy sometimes. Just kidding, it's ALWAYS crazy, which is why it is extremely important to relax and relieve stress everyday. I know how hard it can be to take time out of our busy, busy schedules, but it is necessary for us imperfect humans to just stop the world for a... Continue Reading →

Things To Do Outside with Friends

It's finally starting to get warm outside, so what better way to enjoy the heat but with friends? Here are some fun ideas to get you and your friends started. Go on a hike It doesn't take much to admire the nature of this world- which is why hikes are amazing! Find a nearby hike... Continue Reading →

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