Can You Feel It?

Can you hear the soothing breeze that rustles the dead leaves or the whistles of the energetic birds? Can you feel the warmth of the welcoming sun as it melts the last snow away?

Spring is coming! And it’s almost here!

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun’s out, the wind is dancing, and the sky is blue and glorious.

Here I am outside basking in the sun; writing to you, my lovely internet, to tell you how excited I am for spring! I have never missed it more!

I have so many dreams and hopes for this spring/summer. I want to get outside more and explore. It is so incredible to me how beautiful and calm nature is.

I can barely keep my eyes open because I am so relaxed. Spring isn’t just the season before Summer. Spring is a wake-up call.

So get outside and wake up!


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