Has there ever been a time when you had too much on your mind to fall asleep? This happens to me often, and there is only one thing
that can clear my thoughts.

I have tried many things to help me fall asleep: meditation, counting sheep, even self-hypnosis. But as a writer, I can’t do nothing. It’s way to boring to not think for however long it takes to fall asleep (which for me takes a LONG time).

That’s why I do what writers always do: create a story.

Ever since I was a kid, making up a story in my head before I went to sleep always seemed to help me fall asleep. It focused my mind on something, which is really hard sometimes.

This is how I do it: I find a comfortable position and close my eyes. (Sometimes I think of story ideas during the day so when I go to bed I won’t take forever thinking about what story I should do).Then I create. I pick a hero and begin to watch the story unfold in a movie-like way. I have a vague storyline in my mind and I watch it play out through the night.

Almost always I will fall asleep before it ends, so the next night I pick it up again.

This activity really boosts my skills as a writer. I am able to think things through, create better plots, and enjoy my writing more.

But there a few rules to the bedtime story thing. Never EVER do a story that you are working on or writing. If you try to play out your own story in your head, you will never fall asleep because you are too focused on it. Also, never do a story that you have read or watched. Unless it is your own original story about one of the characters, don’t even try. You will find yourself not able to sleep because you are too busy remembering each detail about the story.

I really enjoy this activity. It gets me excited to fall asleep at night. My latest story was inspired by a dream of mine. It was about a woman getting kidnapped on her wedding day and escaping the clutches of her fiancee who wanted her grandfather’s fortune.

Now that you know my secret to beauty sleep, try it! If you already use this technique in your falling-asleep routine, let me know in the comments!

-Charlotte Emelia


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