Stop Judging Yourself- Yeah, YOU.

The only time I ever think I look good is when I’m staring at my bathroom mirror. There are seldom any pictures of myself that I actually like, and those usually look worse each time I see them.

So in case you can’t tell, I don’t really like my appearance.

I criticize myself everyday before I go to school. I wince every time I see my reflection, and worse, I think others are judging me too.

Often I try really hard to look “pretty” but realize as soon as I get to school how ugly and awkward I look. I end up spending the entire day depressed and ashamed. I look at others and jealousy fills my body with negative thoughts about myself.

But I’ve realized something lately.

I tend to see myself prettier when life is good. When I am happy, I like myself. When I am stressed or sad, my appearance seems to change in an instant. Do our bodies physically change with our moods? Of course not, so this is why you need to stop judging yourself.

I am a writer; I watch people. I notice the way people look, talk, and act. Never have I once seen someone who wasn’t beautiful. Sure, people have flaws- both physical and mental, but that has never given me the reason to think that they are ugly. In fact, for a long time I never understood why girls were so much prettier then me. But now I know why.

Because I’m prettier too.

We think in our minds that people will judge and remember our bad outfits or bad hair days, but put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever remembered a person’s outfit? Do you remember when so and so’s hair was bad?

NO! So stop worrying so much!

It doesn’t matter what you wear, or what you look like. No one will remember things like that in 5 years, so stop judging yourself. Teenagers tend to focus on the now when really they should focus on the future.

So I am asking you with sincerity, just like I’m asking myself.Stop judging yourself. Sure, take care of your body, but don’t become depressed over it. YOU are beautiful. YOU are special. And no one can change that. Just change your attitude.

Find clothes you feel comfortable in. Find a hairstyle or apparel that makes you feel good. But don’t stare in that mirror in disgust. People see you in your unique way. If I can tell you one thing- although you feel insecure on the inside, people respect and like you on the outside.

Stop judging yourself. You are you, and don’t ever stop.

-Charlotte Emelia


5 thoughts on “Stop Judging Yourself- Yeah, YOU.

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  1. Yes this post is to me. I think in most areas of life people have a tendency to be more critical on self than on others. Often when communicating I mentally criticize how and what I say. When others speak and slur or stumble their words I never give it a second thought. As long as I understand what another is trying to get out I do not care if they fumble over their words. I am learning, and trying, to be kinder and less critical to self.

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