Why I Doodle During Lectures





Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming during an important lecture? It happens all the time! Want to know how to concentrate without getting bored?

(Drum roll, please)


Here is why YOU should doodle during a lecture.

It Gives Your Mind Something to Do.

Sitting in class for an hour and a half can be dreadfully boring, especially when all you are doing is listening to a teacher talk. A great way to both listen and be occupied is to doodle!

Take out a sheet of paper and draw while you listen. I often draw a basic shape (Like a sun or a rocket ship) and draw patterns (zentangle) in the object. While you focus on using your creativity on the drawing, your ears are open and listening to the teacher.

I’ve discovered that doodling and half listening is much better then spacing out and forgetting everything.

You Can Take Creative Notes.

Take a step further in your doodling and turn them into notes!

Your brain is like a giant forest. When you learn something, imagine that you stick it on one of the trees in the forest. If you leave it untouched and walk away, what are the chances of finding it again? Next to zero, but if you connect some strings or links from you to the tree, it is a lot easier to find it again. The more connections you have, the easier you remember a subject.

If you take regular notes and doodle notes, the more connections you will have with the certain subject you may be learning. Create comics or funny memes from the things you learn, it will help you. Just create and remember!

It’s Fun.

For people who are (or pretend to be) artistic, doodling is really fun. Some days are just plain boring, and doodling is a great outlet to express yourself… even in history or science. Just grab a pencil and the world of imagination is yours to create.

So yeah, be like me and doodle. Hope you like my posts, let me know what you think in the comments.:)

-Charlotte Emelia


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