Why School is Killing Us

School is killing us. Textbooks are made from paper, paper is made from trees, we need trees for oxygen. Therefore, school is killing us.


I’ve often laughed at this logical fallacy throughout the years of school. Every human being that has been through the horrors of junior high, high school, or college knows that textbooks are simply one of the worst things ever created. I love to read books and literature of all kinds, but if you hand me a textbook I will. Murder. You.

But perhaps it’s not the lack of oxygen that is killing us; it’s the stress that we get from attending school for half of the day. If I could pinpoint the cause of my worst/longest stress it would almost always be school. Constantly I am worried about tests, group work, homework and…quizzes.


Why do we have to go through so much stress and anxiety for something that we have to endure for more than 12 years of our lives? We revolve around education, we survive because we learn. So why do we hate it so much?

As your average high school student, I have noticed that I learn the most from my mistakes, but when my entire grade, and possibly my future, rests on the shoulder of how well I do on a test, why would I ever want to learn? Instead, like the millions of stressed students out there, I take the easy way to success and learn nothing in the process.

On top of that, there’s no time to actually use the information I’ve learned because of the burden of textbooks and the pile of homework waiting in my bedroom. I spend so much time doing busy work, I have no time to actually care.

I don’t hate any of my teachers, but there is a fine line between many of them. The ones that I love aren’t always the ones that are the easiest. I love the teachers that care. I love the teachers that understand what’s important and what’s not.

One of my teachers doesn’t hand out homework often, the only homework we get is vital problems that we must solve to understand the concept. If this was how every teacher taught, I wouldn’t have hours of homework every night.

And I get it. Some kids just don’t want to learn. Well, of course, but what about the ones who do? NEWS FLASH: us adolescents don’t need homework constantly to be productive in life. Busy work won’t turn us into millionaires, but your attitude and teaching will.

Of course school isn’t always bad, I kind of have a social life and many friends. But if I love to do something, like art or astronomy, don’t ruin it by making those classes hard, terrible, and cruel.

This is especially important for high school and junior high: this is the time us teenagers are exploring and finding what we love. But nowadays, finding what we love is through the outcome of a class. Maybe I enjoy Physics with a passion, but because of the class, I learn to despise it.

I know it’s probably impossible to change the way school is, but that doesn’t deny that the system is slacking. It’s become lazy and more and more fault has been slipping through the cracks of education. It needs to addressed and improved.

And that’s why I’m here, to let the world know what I think. I love a lot of classes at school, I just wish that every class would be as good as the next. The generations to come must see education at it’s best in order to create miracles in the future.

Just my thoughts.

-Charlotte Emelia




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