Top 5 (clean) TV shows on Netflix

The struggle is real. It can be difficult to find good television shows on Netflix without searching for a hours on end. Well, today is your lucky day! Here are my top 5 shows on Netflix.

5. Once Upon A Time- This show is a great show to watch if you love fairy tale-based fiction. It’s pretty family-friendly although I recommend not letting young kids watch it because of scary scenes and such. It gradually gets lamer and lamer, but the first season was extremely well done.

4. Merlin- If you are looking for some clean British humor, Merlin is your show. Based off of the tale of King Arthur, Merlin is a well done BBC television show that is both interesting and funny. Be aware: the last season is fairly disappointing.

3. The Great British Baking show- Whether you know how to cook or not, this simple and unique show is a keeper. Unlike the absurd competitive cooking shows of America, the GBB show is very calm, British, and delicious. I can bet that you will get hooked on it!

2. Flash- This new television show is all the rage on Netflix because of it’s heroic plot and courageous story. Yes, it is a superhero show, but it is very well done. It is actually really clean in contrast to it’s closely related associate “The Arrow” and is full of action and adventure. There is only one season on Netflix for now, but it is enough to lure you in, believe me.

and finally.

1.Sherlock- One of my all time favorite shows is the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock is clever and subtly hilarious as he solves crimes with his best friend John Watson in 21st century London. It isn’t as clean as the other’s I have suggested (and there is one episode you should skip if you are worried) but it is so good. It portrays Sherlock in such a way that it has left me lost for words.

Although Netflix was horrid enough to take Doctor Who off, I highly encourage you all to watch it. This Sci-Fi, British TV show would definitely by number one on any of my lists:) It’s kinda hard getting into, but I am telling you with every ounce of my soul; DOCTOR WHO IS AMAZING.

I hope you liked my list, let me know if it helped you!

-Charlotte Emelia

netflix logo
By Netflix [Public domain], via Wikimedia

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