Skip the Outline-Get to the Character

Are you having a hard time developing your novel's characters? Everyone has this problem; that's why millions of character outlines are out there. But sometimes outlines just don't cut it. (Although, if you are looking for a great outline, check out Inky Teapot's Character Outline). When it comes to novels, round characters are necessary no matter... Continue Reading →


Best Quote Ever

"Opening the fridge comforts me." -That one kid we all relate to.

Can You Feel It?

Can you hear the soothing breeze that rustles the dead leaves or the whistles of the energetic birds? Can you feel the warmth of the welcoming sun as it melts the last snow away? Spring is coming! And it's almost here! It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun's out, the wind is dancing, and the... Continue Reading →

Has there ever been a time when you had too much on your mind to fall asleep? This happens to me often, and there is only one thing that can clear my thoughts. I have tried many things to help me fall asleep: meditation, counting sheep, even self-hypnosis. But as a writer, I can't do nothing. It's... Continue Reading →

Stop Judging Yourself- Yeah, YOU.

The only time I ever think I look good is when I'm staring at my bathroom mirror. There are seldom any pictures of myself that I actually like, and those usually look worse each time I see them. So in case you can't tell, I don't really like my appearance. I criticize myself everyday before... Continue Reading →

Why I Doodle During Lectures

      Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming during an important lecture? It happens all the time! Want to know how to concentrate without getting bored? (Drum roll, please) Doodle! Here is why YOU should doodle during a lecture. It Gives Your Mind Something to Do. Sitting in class for an hour and a... Continue Reading →

How to Turn an Idea Into a Novel

From one beginner to another, I know how hard writing is. It can be extremely difficult to grasp a story idea and fully develop it into a published novel, but with great patience and love, it will happen.. eventually. But  the only way for you to become a great writer is simple: gosh darn it,... Continue Reading →

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