A Word From Charlotte Emelia

Hi. It's been a while and I was just checking in to tell you that I'm still here. *waves* How have the past few months been? Summer was a blast for me, and I've only got a few weeks left before I start my final year in high school. Er... I've ignored this part of... Continue Reading →

Be Bold

Have a dream? Pursue it. Have a goal? Go get it. Nothing will ever happen unless you act. There are so many fears... so many unknowns... but if you have faith in yourself, don't be afraid to put your foot out there. And if you fail? Find a way to get back up. With the... Continue Reading →


My fellow colleagues and friends, Along with this letter, I have enclosed an artifact that may very well be the pinnacle¬†of my findings: a pocket watch, hidden beneath the floorboards of an early twentieth-century cottage in Liege, Belgium. The watch, though rusted and covered in dust, is in near perfect condition and a wonderful addition... Continue Reading →


"Show some backbone, Tori." Tori shuddered as her knees hit the tough, dry dirt. "I'll try, Brad." She slowly lowered her torso all the way to the ground and tried to ignore the ants that meandered around her. Despite having to deal with an older brother that loved the outdoors, Tori had never liked the... Continue Reading →

Inside the Cloud

It was very dark by the time I drove home from work. The moon was completely covered by the broad clouds that still lingered from the evening rainstorms and the street lamps were dimmed by thin fog, but as I turned onto a street in my neighborhood, the fog thickened considerably. I slowed down and... Continue Reading →

A Very Important Update

I did it. I finished writing my novel. It's been a whole year since I started writing this book, and there is no way to describe all the pain, trouble, and joy I have experienced while writing it. I have stayed up late often to finish a scene. I have documented and researched an entire... Continue Reading →

The Ups and Downs of Writing

There are some days where I could write for hours on end. Those days, like the day I wrote¬†My Burning Fire, are absolutely amazing. Words tumble out of my brain like the waterfalls of Rivendell while my excitement level overflows. I can usually spit out two or three thousand words easily in a couple of... Continue Reading →

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